Bobal land

From the ‘terroir’ the wine is born. Is the genetic heritage of great wines. It shows where the wine comes from. Without it, nothing is posible. We are in Bobal’s land

A land bathed by the Cabriel river. An extreme land, with high temperature changes between day and night. The soil, poor in nutrients, requires a delicate work and rigurous selection to be able to tame this authentic variety and obtain its great potential.


Bobal to the upper limit…


The movement only by gravity. Old bobal grapes grow in this land since more than 80 years

A very carefull pruning, small yields, natural agriculture, manual selection of grapes and another double selection by hand at the winery

A precision viticulture and the best grape required to elaborate the best wines


Our wood take care of the wine

Our winery keeps oak barrels selected from the best woods of Limousin and Allier, and changed every three years

It is a new world plenty of aromas. Here, the wine becomes smoother and delicate. A place to enjoy, a place to talk to the wine

Feel the different barrels, observe the temperature and humidity conditions, folow its maturation, its evolution and decide when it is ready for its final destiny

All assembled to obtained something unique and rare, that shows the land where it comes from: its terroir