The spirit of good wine

Among the vineyards of Villargordo del Cabriel , inside the Hoces del Cabriel National Park, shows up this winery “Chateau” style, built in 1896.

The building has a central hall below 0 level and two side aísles with wide walls that isolate and transform the interior in a unique space to create a great wine with perfect temperature and humidity conditions.

Production is handcrafted using gravity flow to move wine through various phases of production, reaching a maximun of 9.000 Las Mercedes bottles and an even more limited edition of Esencia, only in exceptional harvest.

Wine tourism

Visit our winery

Our vusits take place from Monday to sunday and last about 60 minutes. You can choose between spanish or english. The visit includes tasting Las Mercedes and a tour of the winery and also the old winery from 1800.

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