Alcohol & wine

Alcohol & wine

First of all we´ll explain the meaning of degrees of alcohol that go from 12 to 15,5 in red wines.

12 degrees mean 12% or 125ml of alcohol per liter.

You will be able to see that on the bottle label.

  • From 11% to 13,9% is medium.
  • From 14% to 15,5% is high.

Alcohol from wine is mainly composed of ethanol. It also has small ammounts of glycerol, sorboitol, mannitol, etc.
The more sugar in grape, the more alcohol we will get. For each 17,5 grams os sugar per liter of wine must, we will obtain one degree.
After wáter, alcohol is the the most abundant ingredient of wine

What does alcohol provide to wine?
It gives wine body and texture. Wine seems heavier and more burning. If there is much alcohol in wine it feels dense and viscous.
It´s important to have a good balance among alcohol and the rest of components of wine

Tear of wine

Also called “legs”.

Wehen you shake the wine glass you will see the “tears” inside the glass.
They are formed by glycerol, one of the alcohols of wine.
Wine may have lots of tears but not much alcohol., although usually alcohol and glicerol go together. Remenber that ethanol is the more abundant alcohol and you use it to measure alcohol in wine.
So alcohol is the skeleton of wine, the building frame.