When you should refuse a bottle of wine?

When you should refuse a bottle of wine?


First of all think that now days all wines are good enough. Of course you have regular, good and excellent wines.
The important thing is to drink in good company and have a nice memory of the experience.

We want to explain here when you have to refuse a wine because it has an important default and should not be consumed
We will go over ten top defaults of wine.

Smell of damp earth

Due to poor maturity or escesive press it has an herbaceous character. Is better that juice & grape stalk don´t stay together too long.

Smell of rotten Apple

It happens when wine is not protected from oxygen and acetaldehide is formed. It may smell like nail polish.

Smell like vinegar

Produced when you have lots of acetic bacteria. You can smell from 700/800mgrams. Wine looses alcohol and smells sour.

Glue smell

It happens when acetic acid combines with alcohol . Then you have ethyl acetate wich smells like glue.

Soap smell

Some yeasts change to salts and give this odor to soap or candle.

Sulfur smell

Sulfur is used to make wine because of its antibacterial & antioxidant properties. It should only be used by expert technicians.

Rotten egg smell

It happens when there is too much SO2 that transforms into H2S.

Cauliflower smell

Due to dimethyl sulfide.

Brett smell

It is produced by Brettanomyces yeast and it smells like barn odor or sweat odor.

Smell of cork

90% of defaults of cork are because of TCA produced when you wash cork with water that has clorophenols that smell like mold or weat cardboard.