Wine and food

Wine and food

Wine and food go together. They interact and empower each other. It´s like a couple, that is why we talk about pairing.
They complement each other but it also has to do with the tastes and needs of the people.
So we will talk only about objective factors
–Sweet food
The sensation of bitterness and alcohol is higher. The wine seems to have less body, less fruit.
It´s better that the wine be sweeter than the food.

Unami flavors

It´s like tasting a raw mushroom or microwawed cook for 30 seconds.
It makes wine harder.

Acidity in food

It´s quite good because wines seems to have more body ,it´s more fruity and sweet

Salt in food

It goes well with wine. Increases the sensation of fruit.


Wine tastes more bitter, more acid, more burning, more astringent.
It is quite complicated and depends a lot of people´s different needs.
But i will tell you some good and sure pairings:
Champagne and Albariño with oysters
Goat cheese and wine from Sancerre variety
Foie gras with sweet wine Sauternes
Game and red meats with Bobal variety
Olives with Manzanilla wine